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HRBBA Covid-19 Policies and Procedures


HRBBA is following the latest guidance from MDH. 

General Guidance:

If you are Covid Positive - 5 day quarantine followed by 5 days of masking

If you are a Close Contact:

 - If Fully Vaccinated - no quarantine, 10 days of masking

 - If Not Vaccinated - 5 day quarantine followed by 5 days of masking

Information can be seen here:

MDH Decision Tree  -

MDH Quarantine Guidance -


ANYONE with a Covid Positive or an Exposure Situation must contact the HRBBA Covid Team  immediately  at

COVID-19 Procedures Updated 01/19/22

Hopkins Royals Boys Basketball Association (HRBBA)    

What will practice look like this year?

Hopkins Royals Boys Basketball Association (HRBBA) is committed to creating the safest possible environment for our players, coaches, fans and board members, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you will find the different procedures we will be implementing throughout the season to ensure there is a reduced possibility of exposure for our players and coaches.


Practices Times and Locations

Practices will be limited to two each week to give adequate time for staff to clean and disinfect facilities before and after practice. We will post team practice times and locations on the HRBBA website and through the SportsEngine mobile app.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their player outside and not come in to the facilities. Drop off and pick up should happen at the beginning and end of each practice no sooner or later than 10 minutes. Facilities management will be alerted if there are kids hanging out indoors or outside during the restricted times and this could risk our ability to use these facilities in the future.

Social Distancing                                   

Everyone will follow the 6 feet of separation guidelines as much as possible during HRBBA practices. We will be limiting practices to 10 players and 2 coaches per gym. 

Masks and Cleaning

Coaches will wear masks during the whole duration of practices and within the Hopkins facilities. Players will wear masks on the way in and out of practice, and until practices activities begin. Players and coaches will practice good hand washing, hand sanitation at the beginning and end of each activity.


Each HRBBA team will receive equipment bags with basketballs, first aid kits, cleaning supplies and other basketball equipment.  Your player should NOT bring their own balls to practice until communicated differently. Players must bring their own water bottles and will not be allowed to share. The school drinking fountain will NOT be functioning.

Exposure and Communication (UPDATED 09/23/21)

If a Player/Coach develops any Covid symptoms or is exposed to a person who tests Covid positive or is exposed to a person with Covid symptoms, the Player/Coach should communicate the details of the symptoms or exposure immediately to the HRBBA Board via email to  The Board will follow an MDH-based decision tree to decide how long the Player/Coach needs to stay home and what is required for the Player/Coach to return to play.  New guidance has been established for people who are vaccinated and/or have tested positive for Covid 19 and in some cases a quarantine is not required.

2021/22 COVID-19 Policy 

Hopkins Royals Boys Basketball Association (HRBBA)    

1.  HRBBA will follow the attached MDH-based Decision Tree to asses player participation in practice and games.  Our policies are aligned with MDH guidance with consideration for participation in youth sports activities.

2.  HRBBA will constantly monitor the MDH and CDC guidelines and will modify or change our instructions as needed to maintain alignment.

3. HRBBA asks our parents and players to recognize that COMMUNICATION FROM OUR HRBBA COMMUNITY IS CRITICAL to keeping our players and coaches as healthy as possible.

4. Parents must recognize that sending a potentially sick player to practice places the whole team and coach at risk. We ask parents to err on the side of caution.

5. HRBBA HAS CREATED A COVID TASK FORCE to answer your Covid-related questions and to report potential exposure of a player or coach.  Please email and a member of the COVID TASK FORCE will respond and work with you through your question or situation.

Exposure Communication

If the player or a member of their household knows or believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or is determined to have a positive test for the virus or is told they have the virus by a Dr., the player’s parent or guardian must immediately communicate this to

Season Cancellation or Postponement Policy

Should more than two HRBBA teams be held back from potential exposure, the HRBBA board of directors will have a special meeting to determine if the season should be cancelled or postponed. 

Should the State of Minnesota, Hopkins School District and/or Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) determine the season to be cancelled or postponed, HRBBA will adhere to those guidelines and communicate accordingly. 

Should the season be cancelled, player registration fees will be refunded based on how much of the season has been played and prorated accordingly. However, refunds will be minus any funds that are not refunded to HRBBA including uniform costs, facility deposits, tournament costs, etc.