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Tournament Information & Rules

2020 Hopkins Royal Rumble Tournament Information

2020 Hopkins Royal Rumble Tournament Rules

2020 Tournament rules will be updated soon.

Tournament Contacts

HRBBA believes strongly in our FOCUS principles of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive attitude. We want all players, coaches, parents, and guests to thoroughly enjoy their experience at the HRBBA Royal Rumble.

Should you encounter any situations that need the attention of the HRBBA Board, please locate the Site Director immediately.

At the Hopkins High School/Lindbergh site, the Site Director's Table is located by Court 3. 
At NJH, the Site Director's Table is located in the main hallway between the Gym and Athletic Structure. 
Or look for Board Members wearing blue HRBBA apparel.

Hopkins Royal Rumble Tournament Feedback

If you have feedback to share with the HRBBA Board regarding the 2019 Tournament, please complete the attached form and submit to

We appreciate your participation!